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world book day

Message from UNESCO:

International Book Day is mainly an invitation to experience the world of letters differently. It takes place every year on April 23 and is a day initiated by UNESCO in favor of the three great authors, William Shakespeare, Miguel Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega setting up the celebrations of the dates of birth or death of these three great authors. As we know, these giants of literature have bequeathed to humanity significant and larger than life characters such as: Don Quixote, Hamlet, Sancho Panza, Othello, Rossinante, Falstaff, Romeo and Juliet to name but a few. . UNESCO has therefore created a World Book and Copyright Day because it considers that the book has historically been the most powerful instrument for disseminating knowledge and the most effective means of ensuring it. preservation. Really implementing the organization's resolution: "any initiative to promote the influence of books is a factor of cultural enrichment for all those who have access to them and, moreover, can only further sensitize public opinion treasures of the world's cultural heritage and to encourage understanding, tolerance and dialogue. Through this, the objectives of this day are therefore to promote the pleasure of reading, especially among young audiences, to demonstrate the ability of books to contribute to social progress, and to defend the rights of authors.

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